Professor Emeritus

Philip Ambrose joined the UVM Classics Department in 1962. He served as Chair from 1973 to 1992 and again from 2000 until retiring in 2006. During that time he taught a wide range of courses at all levels of Greek, Latin, and Classical Civilization (especially mythology and literature in translation). Courses at the advanced level were in the fields of his research: Greek tragedy and comedy as well as Latin epic. Classical sources for the cantata texts of J. S. Bach led to the publication of his translation of all of Bach's vocal texts.



  • *Texte zu den Kirchen-Kantaten von Johann Sebastian Bach (The Texts to Johann Sebastian Bach's Church Cantatas), translation by Z. Philip Ambrose (Neuhausen-Stuttgart: Hänssler-Verlag, 1984), 491.
  • *Euripides' Heraclidae, Bryn Mawr Greek Commentaries (Bryn Mawr, 1990).
  • The Complete Vocal Works of J.S. Bach, translated with introduction and commentary, by Z. Philip Ambrose (revision of The Texts to..., with addition of the remaining vocal works: secular cantatas, oratorios, masses, motets, songs, et al.), 1997-98, URL:
  • Z. Philip Ambrose, Ovid, Metamorphoses: Translated with Introduction and Notes (Focus Classical Library, Focus Publish. R. Pullins & Company, Inc., Newburyport, MA, 2004), pp. xvi and 438.
  • Z. Philip Ambrose J. S. Bach: The Vocal Texts in English Translation with Commentary, Volume 1: BWV 1-200, pp. 627; Volume 2: BWV 201-, pp. 557, (Philadelphia: XLibris, 2005, revised 2006).

Awards and Recognition

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship, 1958

University of Vermont Faculty Summer Research Fellowship, Summer 1965

National Endowment for the Humanities Junior Fellowship, 1969-1970

Barlow-Beach Award for Distinguished Service, from the Classical Association of New England, April 1985

National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar for College Teachers, 1987

Dean's Lecturer, UVM College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award, Fall 1992

George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award, May 2006 (an award of the UVM Alumni)

Associations and Affiliations

The American Philological Association

The Vergilian Society of America

The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy

The American Classical League (Executive Council, 1968-1972)

The Classical Association of New England (Secretary-Treasurer, 1968-1972, Curator of Funds, 1972-2001, Executive Committee 1968-2001, Chair of the Finance Committee, 1991-2001)

Vermont Classical Language Association (President, 1967-1968)

Classical Jury of the American Academy in Rome, 1974-1976

Founding Member of the University of Vermont Baroque Ensemble, 1965-91


  • Ph.D. in Classics, Princeton University
  • M.A. in Classics, Princeton University
  • B.A. in Classics, Princeton University


  • 802-862-6818