In the Nutrition and Food Sciences Department, we are committed to solving major issues -from farm to plate to table to waste- facing us in so many domains, including the health and safety of our food supply, our individual and population health, and the long-term livelihoods of Vermonters.

You can help.

As a student in the NFS department, you will have multiple opportunities to combine learning with doing. You will be taught by expert, dedicated faculty with in-depth seminar courses, amidst laboratory and applied settings, and through dynamic lectures.  When you graduate with and NFS or DNFS degree from UVM you will be ready to take your knowledge and skills to serve others.

Our program provides:

  • Easily assessible professors, who are also your advisors, guiding you through your degree and advising you on careers paths
  • Opportunities to work with NFS faculty on diverse research projects as an undergraduate.  Projects such as:
    • processing elderberries for a clinical trial looking at the increase of anthcyocins in the American diet
    • interviewing New England farmers on their preceptions of climate change
    • investigating the presence of salmonella on backyard chickens
    • testing the levels of fruit and vegetable intake of UVM college students
  • Internships and practicums, guided by an NFS faculty coordinator, combine learning with experiencing
  • Understanding of the social and cultural values and contexts, as well as the government policies and regulations, that inform practices and behaviors about food and drink in the real world
  • Courses that provide understanding of the physical, biochemical and nutritional sciences