plants growing in greenhouse

UVM maintains three greenhouse facilities, which support the research, education and outreach mission of the University. All three facilities are located on or within five miles of the University's main campus.

Main Campus Greenhouses


The Main Campus greenhouse complex is located at 95 Carrigan Drive in Burlington and is attached to Jeffords Hall, home to UVM's Plant Biology and Plant and Soil Science Departments. Divided into 11 adjoining compartments and an outdoor nursery, these greenhouses are for the use of faculty, staff, and students in teaching, research, and extension. The indoor compartments cover 8,000 square feet, and are open to the public.

Horticulture Research and Educational Center Greenhouse


Located at 65 Green Mountain Drive in South Burlington, the Horticulture Research and Education Center is a 97-acre working fruit and vegetable farm that serves as a hub for research and education. The farm houses one greenhouse used for production and research needs throughout the year.

BioResearch Complex Greenhouses

The BioResearch Complex is located at 665 Spear Street in South Burlington. Its greenhouses are used for various research projects, including that of the Entomology Research Laboratory, as well as the cultivation of plants for plant sales at the Main Campus greenhouses.