Disability Accommodations for Housing

Students with disabilities may request housing accommodations by:

  1. Contacting Student Accessibility Services (802-656-7753), and providing documentation of a disability
  2. Having housing needs assessed by SAS staff.

After reviewing the student’s request and documentation of disability, SAS will make a recommendation regarding appropriate accommodations to Residential Life. Accommodations are granted based on level of necessity and space availability.  Not every request for an accommodation, such as a private room, will be granted.

In order to receive a single room at a double rate, students with disabilities must submit clear disability-related documentation that supports the housing accommodation request.  Accommodations are not provided based on preference or convenience.  The following situations receive priority for housing accommodations:

  1. Students with disabilities with extensive equipment needs (i.e. manual and electric chairs, bath chairs, adapted computer work stations, lifts, visual alarms, etc.), or
  2. Students with disabilities with substantial PCA needs, and
  3. SAS determines that it would not be reasonable (because of space or privacy issues) for a non-disabled student to share the space.

All decisions regarding students with disabilities are based on a case-by-case assessment and exceptions can occur.

SAS determines student eligibility for specific housing accommodations directly related to documented disabilities which substantially limit the ability to function daily in a residence hall environment. Preferences not related to an SAS accommodation may be requested through the office of Residential Life.


It is the responsibility of the student with a disability to request accommodations within Residential Life deadlines.  Late requests limit housing options within Residential Life often resulting in an inability to fulfill the approved accommodation.

  • Incoming Students need to request a disability-related housing accommodation for Fall semester prior to June 30 of each year.
  • Current Students need to request a disability-related housing accommodation request for Fall semester by January 22nd of the preceding academic year. Requests made after this deadline or during the middle of the semester for the current academic year will be met pending Residential Life's room availability


If a disability-related housing accommodation request is denied, the student may appeal that decision. The student must submit a written statement of appeal to SAS and may include any new documentation that was not originally reviewed or available which supports the original request. The Program Director of SAS or designee will respond in writing within ten days. This will be final decision regarding the request.