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Transfer Affairs: Frequently Asked Questions

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Which of my courses will transfer to the University of Vermont?

Credit will transfer only after you have been admitted as a matriculated degree student. For details on which types of courses/credit are eligible for transfer visit our Transferring to UVM page.

Will my grade point average from my previous institution transfer in addition to my courses?

No. Only credit will transfer. Your GPA is calculated using only the grades you have received at UVM.

I don't want credit for courses I completed at a university I attended before applying to UVM. Must I submit the transcript?

Complete official transcripts of all work taken at other institutions must be submitted as part of the application process, whether or not credit for such work is desired or expected. Students who fail to acknowledge attendance at any college or university in which they have been enrolled automatically waive the right to have that work considered for transfer credit. They may also be subject to denial of admission, loss of course credit, and/or suspension from the University.

How is credit awarded?

The University of Vermont is on the early Autumn semester system. All academic course work accepted for transfer will be converted into semester hours of credit by our office.

I applied, was accepted, and attended UVM some time ago but withdrew for personal resons. I now wish to return to the University. Should I apply through your office?

If you were previously admitted and enrolled at the University of Vermont as a degree student, you should contact the Dean's Office of your college/school for information regarding readmission. You should not submit an application to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Degree completion while at UVM

There are limits on the number of credits transferred that may be applied to the degree program and major selected. In general, 30 of the last 45 credits earned for the UVM degree must be taken at the University. Please consult the online catalogue for specific college/school policies.

Credit is not granted for courses that:

  • were taken at colleges and universities that are not regionally accredited (or are candidates for accreditation)
  • are in disciplines that are not taught at UVM; e.g., criminal justice, law
  • are pre-collegiate or remedial courses; e.g., reading improvement, english/math skills courses, developmental courses
  • are personal development or self-improvement courses; e.g., career counseling, interpersonal relationships
  • appear on a transcript with no credit or grade assigned
  • reflect credit given for life/work experience
  • reflect credit given for co-op or internship credit
  • are Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • duplicate course material for which a student already has credit


Consideration will be given for college credit for the following only:
  • German Abitur
  • Italian Matura
  • British A-Levels
  • Quebec Cegep

Credit Conversion

  • ECTS European Transfer Credit System convert 2:1

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