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Grading at UVM

Undergraduate Study at Other U.S. Colleges & Universities

:: Where to Start

  • Use this form for pre-approval only.
  • Check the Transfer Guide to see how courses you may wish to take have transferred to UVM in the past.
  • Once you've decided which courses you'd like to take (and at which college or university you'd like to take them) complete and submit the following form:
Student Information
(Last, First, Middle)
(95 Number)
UVM Email Address
Information About College or University You Wish to Attend
(Spring 2015)
  List only future terms.
Name of School
(University of Arizona)
Location of School
(Tucson, AZ)
Non-UVM Course Information
(Course Numbers & Titles from Alternate Institution)
(Psychology of Pets)

(Please indicate if you are attempting to fufill a specific requirement, i.e., PSYS 161)


Transfer Affairs will evaluate your request and reply to your UVM email address.

:: While You Are Away

  • Courses change. You may decide to add or drop classes. Make sure to keep us up to date about the courses you are taking. Email your final course schedule to so we can let you know how the classes you end up taking will transfer back to UVM.
  • Before you return make sure to request that a transcript be sent directly to our office. It is much easier to request a transcript while you are still at an institution than after you have returned.

:: When You Return

  • If you are taking a course in the hopes it will be transferable for a specific course, be prepared to provide course materials (syllabus, exams, papers, notes) to our office to assist in your transfer evaluation. If you have questions about which courses you may need to provide course materials for please contact us at or (802) 656-0867.

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