Determination of Residency
Initial Classification
Application Procedures
Residency Appeal Procedures

:: Residency Office Responsibilities

It is our responsibility:

Administrative errors may include letters announcing an incorrect residency status, actual misclassification, or incorrect tuition billing notices. In the absence of fraud or knowingly providing false information, where a student receives an erroneous notice announcing the student to be, or treating the student as, eligible for in-state tuition, the student shall not be responsible for paying the out-of-state tuition differential for any enrolled semester or term commencing before the student received written notice of the administrative error.  

:: Applicant Responsibilities

It is your responsibility:

Individuals willfully providing false or misleading information or omitting relevant information in an application for admission or for in-state status or in any other document related to residency eligibility may be subject to legal or disciplinary measures. Students improperly classified as residents based on such information will have their residency classifications changed and may be charged nonresident tuition retroactively for the period of time for which they were improperly classified.