Determination of Residency
Initial Classification
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Residency Appeal Procedures

:: Reclassification

It is possible to change classification status while attending the University. However, you will be required to document that you meet the criteria as outlined in the University of Vermont Residency Regulations. Demonstrating that you have met these criteria while attending school can be difficult. It is presumed that a student who enters the University as an out-of-state student remains in the state for the purpose of attending school and not to establish Vermont domicile. The student seeking status reclassification is required to rebut this presumption by providing clear and convincing evidence.

If you were classified initially as out-of-state and if you believe changes in your situation justify reclassification, it is your responsibility to submit an Application for In-State Status with appropriate documentation to support your claim. The Residency Office will not initiate such an inquiry. No change to in-state status may be obtained by a student for an academic term unless the application is received by the last day to add/drop classes for that term. Approved residency reclassification will not be applied retroactively to previous terms.

Students who were previously classified as in-state and who re-enroll after an absence of more than one year may be required to submit an Application for In-State Status with appropriate documentation to support claims of continuing eligibility for Vermont residency for tuition purposes.

The University reserves the right to audit the eligibility for resident classification of any prospective or enrolled students at any time and to reclassify students who are classified incorrectly.