Classroom Scheduling

:: Term Scheduling Timeline

Once departments have finished proofing the schedule of courses (SOC), early October for the spring semester and March for fall, Associate Deans (ADs) meet with the scheduling analyst to review priority sections. From that point until room assignments have been announced to faculty, the Registrar’s Office works on sections that have been entered up until that time. Any late section additions, room change or meeting pattern change requests will be handled after the announcement to faculty. This is done to ensure that sections that did not get a room in the original scheduling run are not competing for space with sections that were added later.

The summer schedule is worked on by Continuing and Distance Education in December and classrooms are scheduled by the RO scheduling staff, and announced to faculty in January.

:: Our Process

Sections in Banner are brought into EMS (Event Management System). EMS is the software used to schedule classrooms.

In EMS sections can have a requirement or a preference based on information that was entered in BANNER. EMS first places sections in rooms that are marked as pre-assignments, which are determined by Associate Deans, and then places sections based on a ranking system that takes into account the classroom types and preferences requested. The system pulls the characteristics of the classroom requested and attaches them to the section as preferences.

After the pre-assignments are scheduled, then sections with preferences attached are scheduled. Sections without preferences get scheduled last. For this reason, we encourage faculty to be involved in the departmental schedule building process to ensure that their preferences are captured for each section. The system will attempt to place sections in a room of their preference OR a room that has similar features that is size appropriate.

EMS uses an optimization algorithm to maximize the number of sections that can be scheduled. Scheduling across the day though all meeting patterns will afford you the best chance of receiving a highly desired room.

:: Course Distribution Reports

:: Final Exams

Final exams are scheduled based on a matrix that changes each term. The Registrar’s Office only schedules final exams for sections that meet in general purpose classrooms. If a section does not meet in a GP classroom it is assumed to follow the matrix and the exam will be held in the same room the section met in during the term. Final exams are scheduled using the following guidelines:

:: General Purpose Classrooms

Until all credit-bearing sections have been scheduled in a given semester only the Registrar’s Office can schedule in GP classrooms. Once all credit-bearing sections have been scheduled, GP classrooms are released to Conference and Event Services Office (CAES) for event scheduling. You may request a GP room for a one-time event (e.g., mid-term exam or review) during an academic semester via Virtual EMS.

Release dates for even scheduling into GP classrooms will occur on these approximate dates:
During the final examination period (including reading days), the Registrar’s Office reviews and schedules all requests for GP spaces in order to ensure that the event is not disruptive to students taking exams. If you need to reserve a GP room during the final examination period, please enter your request in Virtual EMS.

:: Requesting a Room Change

:: Resources