How to Review Your Classroom Assignment

Your classes will appear at the bottom of the list of your courses in the Faculty Dashboard.
  1. Select the title of your course.Faculty Dashboard
  2. Your classroom assignment will be identified in the section called Scheduled Meeting Times.Faculty Detailed Schedule
All classroom change requests must be submitted using the Room Change Request form. The form will be directed to your Chair/Dean's Office.

The Deans' Offices will only forward requests to the Registrar's Office that fit one of the following criteria:
1) disability issues with regard to either a faculty member or a student
2) media needs not clearly outlined during the course building process
3) increased capacity needs due to student enrollment demand
4) a compelling other circumstance in the judgment of the Dean's Office
Classroom assignments for Spring 2018 should be reviewed and requests for room changes must be submitted to the appropriate Dean's Office NO LATER THAN 4:00PM ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 2017.