Carpenter Auditorium Scheduling Guidelines

Who schedules Carpenter Auditorium?

The College of Medicine, the Registrarís Office and Conference and Event Services share the scheduling responsibilities of Carpenter.

How do I know who to contact to request the use of Carpenter Auditorium?

The College of Medicine schedules Carpenter during the Fall semester. You can contact them directly for Fall events. <insert address/phone>

The Registrar’s Office schedules undergraduate, credit bearing courses (non COM courses) in Carpenter during the Spring semester.  The RO also schedules all courses and events in Carpenter during the Spring Final Exam Period.   If you would like to request this space for an under graduate course, please do so during the course building timeline.  If you would like to request the use of this space for a course, event or final exam during the Final Exam period, please contact the Registrar’s Office by emailing

The RO releases Carpenter to COM and CAES for event scheduling after Spring Final Exam scheduling is completed (around December 1st.) Event requests can be submitted prior to December 1st but will not be addressed until this date.

How do I access Carpenter Ďafter hoursí?

Access to Carpenter is limited after 7:00pm.  The Rowell entrance must be used after 7:00pm.  Once your course/event is entered into the R25 system, the CatCard Office will make the Rowell entrance available to you.

After 7:00pm there is no access to restrooms in the Given Building.  The restrooms in Rowell must be used.