Historical Grading

:: General Policy

September 1, 2010

Current grading system adopted. The grade of XC was abolished. The grades UP and SP began being used in courses with a linkage to credits in multiple semesters.

September 1, 1991

The grades of WP (Withdraw Passing) and WF (Withdraw Failing) were abolished.

September 1, 1983

The suffixes "+" and "-" began being used in computing the grade point average.

September 1, 1965

Grades began being reported and recorded as letter grades. Averages were calculated from quality point equivalents. The "+" and "-" suffixes were recorded but not used in computing the grade point average.

  Grade Points per Semester Hour
A Excellent
B Good
C Fair
D Poor
F Failure

Other grades included:

AU Audit
INC Incomplete
XC Extended Course. This grade is assigned when the nature of the course work makes it unreasonable or impossible for the student to complete the required work within the regular semester.
NP Not Passed, not used in grade-point computation.
P Passed, not used in grade-point average computation.
WP Withdrawn Passing, not used in grade-point average computation.
WF Withdrawn Failing. This grade is weighted as an "F" in the computation of the grade-point average.
M Missing. Grade not turned in by the instructor.


July 1, 1946

Scholarship was graded on a percentage scale. Passing grades were reported and recorded numerically. The numerical grades were as follows:

98 A+ Excellent 98 A+ Excellent
95 A Excellent 95 A Excellent
92 A- Excellent 92 A- Excellent
88 B+ Good 88 B+ Good
85 B Good 85 B Good
82 B- Good 82 B- Good
78 C+ Fair 78 C+ Acceptable
75 C Fair 75 C Acceptable
72 C- Fair <75   Unacceptable
68 D+ Poor  
65 D Poor
62 D- Poor

Failing grades were reported as X, "indicating a condition which may be removed by re-examination, or by exception in some other way, and F, indicating a more serious failure which requires repetition of the course if any credit is to be received (1946 UVM Catalogue)." Beginning in September of 1961 the lowest recorded grade was 45.

Students in the Graduate College were required to have an overall average of 85 percent for successful program completion.

Other grades included:

INC Incomplete
ABS Absent from final exam (abolished February, 1949)
DPD Dropped with penalty equivalent to grade 45 (beginning September 1961)
AUD Audited without credit.


:: College of Medicine

Prior to September 1967, students in the College of Medicine were evaluated on a percentage basis, with 75 percent accepted as the lowest passing grade. In the case of minor subjects, the accepted lowest passing grade was conditional upon year. In a student's first and second years, the lowest accepted grade was 75 percent. In the third year a grade of 60 percent was accepted for individual minor subjects, but a minimum of 75 percent was required as the average for a group of minor subjects.

Beginning in September of 1967 students in the College of Medicine were evaluated on the basis of A, B, C, and F. The lowest passing grade was C.

In September of 1969, the College adopted a pass/fail method of student evaluation.

P or Pass satisfactory completion of all coursework
F or Fail less than satisfactory performance
Fail/Pass less than satisfactory performance in the intial endeavor,
course repeated and makeup work evaluated as satisfactory