University of Vermont

Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

College of Education and Social Services

Summa Cum Laude

Benjamin Carmichael Kennedy, Bachelor of Science
Erin Louise Kiely, B.S. Education

Magna Cum Laude

Denise Guttler Daly, Bachelor of Science
Alicia Evon Danyew, B.S. Education
Tegan West Garon, B.S. Education
Alyssa Rae Jeffer, B.S. Education
Nyarkoa Yaa Mensah-Jordan, Bachelor of Science
Christine M. Paluga, B.S. Education

Cum Laude

Matthew R. Avery, B.S. Music Education
Gregg Kittredge Bonti, Bachelor of Science
Jessica Rose Cohen, B.S. Education
Lucy Grace DeFlavio, B.S. Education
Grace Isobel Gilmour, B.S. Education
Abigail Lakers Granoff, B.S. Education
Emily Tyler Knight, B.S. Art Education
Alyssa Alexandra Kotsiopoulos, B.S. Education
Kathryn Els Maitland, B.S. Education
Eliza Ann Mayer, B.S. Education
Megan Elizabeth McGrath, B.S. Education
Laura Corinne Sercel, B.S. Education


The Academic Catalogue states, "Honors are determined in the following manner: within the graduating class of each college/school, students in the top one percent will receive summa cum laude; the following three percent will receive magna cum laude; the next six percent will receive cum laude. The total number of honors awarded will not exceed ten percent of the graduating class of each college/school." For more information about how honors are conferred please go directly to the catalogue.

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