University of Vermont

Office of the Registrar

Office of the Registrar

College of Education and Social Services

Summa Cum Laude

Kathleen Joan Beecher, Bachelor of Science
Erica Grace DeDell, Bachelor of Science
Colby Anne Taylor, Bachelor of Science

Magna Cum Laude

Hillary Mary McAllister, Bachelor of Science
Nicolas James McKelvie, B.S. Education
Hannah Herbert Mislan, Bachelor of Science
Danielle Ann Novotny, B.S. Education
Jake Taylor Orr, B.S. Education
Karley Elizabeth Reising, B.S. Education
Kathryn McGuire Seelen, B.S. Education
Natalie Autumn Stroud, Bachelor of Science

Cum Laude

Aubrey Lynn Bauer, B.S. Education
James Christopher Caswell, B.S. Education
Jenny Lynn Holler, Bachelor of Science
Emily Elizabeth Tyler LaFantano, B.S. Education
Jordan Elizabeth Lewis, B.S. Education
Danielle Jeanne Luther, Bachelor of Science
Chelsea Anne Martin, Bachelor of Science
Allison Courtney Myers, Bachelor of Science
Abigail Margaret Papinchak, B.S. Education
Claire Nicole Sengupta, B.S. Education
Jill Janet Shave, B.S. Education
Krista Elizabeth Stucke, B.S. Education
Sophia Ava Trigg, B.S. Education


The Academic Catalogue states, "Honors are determined in the following manner: within the graduating class of each college/school, students in the top one percent will receive summa cum laude; the following three percent will receive magna cum laude; the next six percent will receive cum laude. The total number of honors awarded will not exceed ten percent of the graduating class of each college/school." For more information about how honors are conferred please go directly to the catalogue.

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