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Class Enrollment Minimum Policy

University of Vermont
Class Enrollment Minimum Policy

In order to use the teaching resources at UVM to their fullest, a Class Enrollment Minimum Policy is used to ensure that courses offered have a minimum number of enrolled students. Such a policy allows students to engage with a sufficient number of other learners in the classroom and also efficiently uses faculty time, thus facilitating the research and service portions of faculty obligations.

The Policy requires the following enrollment minima for all General Fund courses:

Classes numbered 1-99: 15 students minimum

Classes numbered 100-299: 10 students minimum

Classes numbered >300: 5 students minimum

Although departments are expected to adhere to these class size minima, exceptions may be granted to the policy. Typical reasons for exception might be that the course is required for a major and there are not a sufficient number of enrollees to meet the class minimum, or the course is of a type for which these minima are not suitable (clinical courses, etc.). Exceptions will be granted more readily for required courses as opposed to electives. ‘Clinical' sections, internships, practica, performance sections, thesis, research, or independent study sections are not included in the minimum policy. At the completion of the initial registration period for a forthcoming term, if 75% of the enrollment minimum is not met in preregistration, the course will be canceled and the faculty member will be reassigned, if appropriate, unless the Dean provides cause for continuation to the Provost.

Exceptions for courses or sections with enrollments below the minimum as of the start of classes must be approved by the dean of the college or school in which the course is offered. At the end of the Add/Drop period (the first ten instructional days of the semester) each Dean will report to the Provost regarding the number of courses or sections that were canceled and information regarding the reassignment of the instructional staff, as well as the number of low-enrollment courses that were exempted from the policy, including whether they are required courses or electives and information regarding the last time that each exempted course was offered.

Approved by Council of Deans, January 8, 2009; Endorsed by Senate Executive Committee, January 15, 2009.

Last modified August 16 2010 12:46 PM