University of Vermont

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University Of Sussex Exchange Program

Application and academic vetting is handled by the Office of International Education, (802) 656-4296.

The UVM application form must be completed by March 1st for the full-year program (October to June), or Fall only (September/October to December) or by September 15th for the Spring-Summer (January to June). Not all students who apply will necessarily be approved to go, or be accepted by Sussex. A GPA over 3.00 is advisable, as is proven strength in the areas you wish to study while in Sussex.

Once accepted, a Sussex application form and a study abroad form must be completed. Both are available from OIE. The Sussex form must be received at Sussex by October 15th for Spring-Summer, by April 1st for the full year.

At Sussex you will normally study two (2) courses in the Spring-Summer, each of 36 Sussex credit hours (or nine (9) UVM hours). Hence a full Spring-Summer load would equal 18 UVM credit hours. Fall courses carry 24 hours each (six (6) UVM credit hours). Hence a Fall full load would equal 12 UVM credit hours. Putting the two semesters together would make a full year course load of two Fall and two Spring-Summer courses generating 120 (30 UVM) credit hours.

Sussex also offers a three-week program each September for North American students attending Sussex for the Fall only so that a full semester of credit can be obtained. The three-week session would crry, when joined with the regular Fall program, the equivalent of 15 UVM credit hours. Course options, however, are very limited.

At present UVM students will pay in-state fees, tuition and most likely also UVM accommodation. These will be left behind. At Sussex, you will pay no fees or tuition. If you are asked to leave UVM accommodation behind, you will in turn receive from Sussex full accommodation. If you go for the Spring-Summer program of 20 weeks, however, there will be an additional accommodation charge of about $300 to buy the extra 5 weeks on top of the 15 weeks you pay for and leave behind. Some students may be asked to participate in the Program as an International Student, rather than as an Exchange Student. The costs will be approximately the same, but arrangements for paying fees, etc. may vary.

Eligible students who are not admitted to the Exchange Program, which has a limited number of openings, may still attend Sussex by paying their international rate fees which are roughly comparable to UVM's in-state tuition.

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