University of Vermont

The College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Political Science

Faculty Directory/ Concentration Interest

  • American Politics
    • Ellen Andersen, Associate Professor
      • American Politics and Civil Rights with particular interest in how individuals and social movements use the law to effect social change.
    • Eileen Burgin, Associate Professor
      • American Politics, U.S. Congress, publishing primarily in the area of Congress and foreign policy and health policy.
    • John P. Burke, John G. McCullough Professor of Political Science
      • American Politics, the Presidency, Ethics and Public Affairs. His recent work focuses on presidential transitions to office.
    • Alec Ewald, Associate Professor
      • American Politics and Constitutional Law. Current research is on voting rights and institutions of suffrage.
    • Anthony Gierzynski, Professor, Department Chair
      • American Politics, Campaign Finance and Comparative State Politics. He has specific interest in elections, political parties and the mass media.
    • Deborah Lynn Guber, Associate Professor
      • American Politics, National Elections, Electoral Behavior and Public Opinion with particular focus on public opinion and environmental politics.
    • Lisa Holmes, Associate Professor
      • American Politics, Public Law, Gender and Law. Her research focuses on issues of politics in the appointment of federal/state court judges.
    • Garrison Nelson, Professor, Elliott A Brown Green & Gold Professor of Law, Politics, and Political Behavior
      • American Politics, the U.S. Congress, Vermont Elections with special emphasis on political leadership and political parties.
    • E. Thomas Sullivan, Professor
      • American Politics, Corporate Law
  • International Relations and Comparative Politics
    • Robert V. Bartlett, Professor, Gund Chair of Liberal Arts
      • Environmental Policy and Politics, Green Politics and Political Theory. Current research focus is on democracy, environmental policy and international jurisprudence.
    • Caroline Beer, Associate Professor
      • Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics; research interests include democratization, political economy and women in politics.
    • Matthew Carlson, Associate Professor
      • Comparative Politics, Asian Politics, with emphasis on political participation, parties, electoral systems, public opinion and international political economy.
    • Michele Commercio, Associate Professor
      • Comparative Politics, with focus on regime transition and ethnic politics in post-Soviet state
    • Peter S. Henne, Assistant Professor
      • International Relations, with focus on Middle East politics and Global Religious politics
    • Martha Thomas , Assistant Professor
      • International Relations
    • Peter VonDoepp, Associate Professor
      • Comparative Politics, focusing on African politics with specific attention to democratization-related issues
    • Melissa Willard-Foster, Assistant Professor
      • International Relations, focusing on the causes of international conflict and cooperation.
  • Political Theory
    • Jan Feldman, Professor
      • Political Theory and Political Culture
    • Patrick Neal, Professor
      • Modern Political Thought; Liberalism and its Critics; Theories of Justice. His research has been focused on the relationship between religion and liberal-democracy.
    • Bob Pepperman Taylor, Professor
      • Political Theory, American Political Thought and Democractic Theory
    • Alex Zakaras, Associate Professor
      • Political Theory, Political Philosophy and History of Political Thought. Interests include the philosophy of democracy and democratic citizenship among others.

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