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These articles, written by UVM Extension Maple Specialist Timothy Wilmot, have been reprinted from his monthly column in Farming, The Journal of Northeast Agriculture

How Deep Do You Tap?, October 2011 (PDF)

Expanding Trees: Diameter Growth in Sugar Maples, September 2011 (PDF)

The State of the Maple Industry--2011, July 2011 (PDF)

Root Pressure in Trees: A Spring Phenomenon, May 2011 (PDF)

Why Do Some Maple Trees Produce More Sap?, April 2011 (PDF)

Pricing Sap, March 2011 (PDF)

Conducting and Understanding Experiments in Maple Operations, February 2011 (PDF)

Are Used Maple Spouts and New Spouts Equal?, January 2011 (PDF)

Why Change the Maple Grading System?, December 2010 (PDF)

More Invasive Plants of the Sugarbush, November 2010 (PDF)

Sugarbush Roots, October 2010 (PDF)

The Aesthetics of Sap Collecting, September 2010 (PDF)

Maple Production in 2010, July 2010 (PDF)

The Maples of North America, May 2010 (PDF)

Avoiding Equipment Trouble, April 2010 (PDF)

Sweet Maples, March 2010 (PDF)

The Organic Sugarbush, February 2010 (PDF)

The North American Maple Project, January 2010 (PDF)

A Production Survey of Sugarmakers, December 2009 (PDF)

Recycling Maple Plastic, November 2009 (PDF)

Which Side of the Tree Should You Tap?, October 2009 (PDF)

Sugaring in the Fall, September 2009 (PDF)

Alternative Fuels for Evaporators, August 2009 (PDF)

Energy Use in Maple Operations, July 2009 (PDF)

Starting Small, June 2009 (PDF)

Invaders in the Sugarbush, May 2009 (PDF)

Tapping Red Maple, April 2009 (PDF)

Maples Under Pressure, March 2009 (PDF)

What Does a Taphole Do to a Tree?, February 2009 (PDF)

Sugarmakers as Teachers, January 2009 (PDF)

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