Graduate Student Intern 2006-2008: Morgan Cromwell
University of Vermont

Morgan is working towards her Master’s degree in Plant and Soil Science. Her thesis research complements the OrganicA project research. She evaluated alternative fungicides for organic apple production in Vermont. She earned her B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from Gettysburg College in 2005. After going back to work at the small vegetable farm in West Simsbury, CT she had worked at for 6 years, she decided to pursue a Master’s in an agricultural field. She is interested in Plant Pathology and excited to work with apples and the OrganicA project. As an intern and a teaching assistant for the Organic Fruit Production course, Morgan has learned about growing apples and the ins and outs of organics. Most of her education has been hands-on experiences in the orchards including everything from data collection, hand-weeding, and fungicide applications to pruning, harvesting and of course, taste testing!