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Criteria for Determining Bud Stages

The source of the following pictures is: 'Growth Stages in Fruit Trees', New York Food and Life Sciences Bulletin, No. 58, February 1976, New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Geneva, NY

dormant.jpg (8600 bytes)
Silver Tip
silvertip.jpg (9103 bytes)
Green Tip
greentip.jpg (8745 bytes)
Half Inch Green
hig.jpg (8561 bytes)
Tight Cluster

tightcluster.jpg (11458 bytes)

  • Criteria: When 50% of non-spur McIntosh buds appear as the above pictures.
  • Please note that Green Tip should be viewed from the side -- in other words, do not look straight down into the bud to see if you can see green tissue.

pink.jpg (13569 bytes)

  • Criteria: Pink -- when 60-70% of Blossoms are as shown on non-spur McIntosh
Full Bloom

bloom.jpg (10570 bytes)

  • Criteria: Full Bloom -- when 60-80% of fruit buds are in bloom on non-spur McIntosh
Petal Fall
petelfall.jpg (13756 bytes)
  • Criteria: Petal Fall -- two stages are important as 'biofixes'
    • 95% Petal Fall (when 5% of fruit buds still have their blossoms)
    • and 100% Petal Fall (when, for all purposes, petal fall is complete, i.e., can have a few petals left on tree)

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