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Appointment Letter Templates

Faculty Appointment Letter Templates

The following templates are Microsoft Word documents.
    1. Non-salaried Faculty (Non-Union)
1.a. Adjunct, Non-salaried  New, posted May 2016
1.b. Secondary, Non-salaried (for existing Staff member)  New, posted May 2016
1.c. Secondary, Non-salaried (for existing Faculty member)  New, posted May 2016
1.d. Research Affiliate, Non-salaried  New, posted May 2016
1.e. Visiting Scholar, Non-salaried  New, posted November 2015
    2. Part-Time Faculty (Non-Union)
2.a. Part-time Lecturer  Updated April 2018
2.b. Secondary, Part-time Lecturer (for existing Faculty/Staff member)  Updated April 2018
2.c. Part-time Clinical   Updated April 2018
    3. Part-Time Faculty (Part-Time Union)
3.a. Part-Time UA Lecturer (I, II, III)  Updated April 2018
3.b. Part-Time UA Clinical  Updated April 2018
3.c. Part-Time UA Research, Library or Extension
      (Includes Emeriti faculty conducting Research)  Updated April 2018
3.d. Part-Time UA Emeritus (for instruction)  Updated April 2018
3.e. FTE Increase Mid-Year, Clinical or Research (Part-Time UA)  Updated April 2018
3.f. Secondary, Part-Time Lecturer  Updated January 2017
    4. Full-time Faculty (Non-Union)
4.a. Full-time NU Appointment   Updated April 2018
    5. Full-time Faculty (Full-Time Union)
5.a. Clinical, FTE of 75% or more  Updated April 2018
5.b. Extension Faculty, One-Year, FTE of 80%  Updated April 2018
5.c. Lecturer, One-Year, FTE of 75% or more  Updated April 2018
5.d. Lecturer, Two-Year, FTE of 75% or more  Updated April 2018
5.e. Research Faculty, One-Year, FTE of 75% or more  Updated April 2018
5.f. Research Faculty, Two-Years or more, FTE of 75% or more  Updated April 2018
5.g Tenure Track Instructor, FTE of 75% or more  Updated April 2018
5.h. Tenure Track Assistant or Associate Professor, FTE of 75% or more  Updated April 2018
5.i. Tenured Associate Professor/ Full Professor, FTE of 75% or more   Updated April 2018
    6. Miscellaneous

6.a. Change in Start Date  New, posted November 2015
6.b. Postdoctoral Associate  New, posted November 2015
6.d. Visiting Faculty, One Year  Updated August 2017
6.e. Winter Session  Updated August 2017

If you have additional questions regarding templates, union eligibility or for a specialized appointment letter, please contact:

Mary Brodsky, Labor and Employee Relations Manager
656-1393 or

Rebecca DeLaricheliere, Assistant Coordinator, Faculty Services
656-3486 or

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