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Tests and Surveys

Blackboard Tests and Surveys are a great way to assess the progress of your students. Faculty find the test tool helpful for short self assessments on the course material. Surveys are anonymous and have the same functions as the test tool but the answers are not associated with a particular student in the class. Faculty use surveys for student evaluations of the course and for quick polls about how students feel the course is moving along during the semester.

The process for creating a test is the same as for a survey.

  1. Select the Course Tools option in the Control Panel

  2. Select Tests, Surveys and Pools

  3. Click on Tests (or Surveys)

  4. Click "Build Test" to begin creating a new test (Or, if you have a zip file of a test exported from another course, Click "Import Test," browse to the file on your computer, select it and then follow the instructions from Step 8)

  5. If you clicked "Build Test," you will be setting up the "shell" for the test. Give the test a title, e.g., "Chapter 1 Quiz." (It is optional on this page to also provide a description and directions to students for taking the test)

  6. Clicking "Submit" brings you to the "Test Canvas" where you create the questions for the test. Choose the question type from the list that pops up under "Create Question" and fill out the question information required - each type of question has specific fields and options.

  7. When you are done creating a question, click "Submit" to make the next question. When all the questions are completed, click "OK."

  8. Finally, for the students to have access to the test or survey, you have to place (or "deploy") the test by following these steps.
    1. Go to the content area page where you want the test to be available. If you do not have one set up, you can create one on your Course Menu (see Course Menu Management).

    2. Click the Assessment button and choose Test or Survey

    3. Select the Test or Survey you created from the "Add Test" or "Add Survey" list

    4. Click Submit. Now, the Test Options page appears.

    5. NOTE: tests and surveys, by default, will be UNavailable to students. If you want students to have access to the test immediately, click Yes to "Make the Link Available to Users." If you leave it as unavailable, you can then go back to "Edit Test Options" to make it available later. Alternatively, if you know the exact time you want it to become available, you can choose "yes" to make the link available and then use the "Display After" and "Display Until" fields to select the period of availability. NOTE: You must highlight BOTH Display After and Display Until and indicate dates/times for each.

Reviewing Survey Results

Surveys are anonymous, so you cannot see individuals' answers. You can only see which students have completed the survey because of green checkmarks that appear in the grade box in the survey column.

There are a couple of ways to view the results:

  1. In the Grade Center, click the drop down button at the top of the survey column and choose "Attempts Statistics." Here you see the percentages of responses by question.
  2. To view the results in a spreadsheet, click the drop down button at the top of the survey column and choose "Download Results." The defaults can be left alone, and choose "Click to download results." You can either open them directly with Excel or save the file to your computer.


More on tests can be found here:

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