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Spring 2017
Announcing Your New Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards
At it's Februrary, 2017 meeting, UVM's Board of Trustees approved the new employee Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards Policy or the "Code." We all strive to do the right thing. The new Code can help to guide us when we are facing a work dilemma and are asking ourselves, "What do I do now?" Wading through the labyrinth of University policies to find an answer can be daunting and unproductive. Knowing where to begin is hard, but knowing your Code can make it easier...
Compliance Survey 2016 Highlights
Thanks to everyone who completed our 2016 compliance survey. We were very pleased with the high participation and helpful responses. This year's survey showed that more employees are aware of the Ethics and Compliance Reporting and Help Line than ever before. Additionally, the indicators of compliance awareness as well as responses received on questions measuring a "culture of compliance" are all moving in a positive direction... Read More »
Spring and summer are fast approaching, make sure you'll be ready for any international travel plans. Read More »
Tessa Lucey, Director of Compliance Services, has been providing education sessions on the Code of Conduct, Culture of Compliance, Compliance Reporting... Read More »
Memo to Managers:
Eye rolls. Chuckles. Silence. It's easy to recognize signs of employee cynicism. Read More »
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