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Spring 2017

Your New Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards

At it’s February, 2017 meeting, UVM's Board of Trustees approved the new employee Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards Policy or the "Code."  We all strive to do the right thing.  The new Code can help to guide us when we are facing a work dilemma and are asking ourselves, “What do I do now?”  Wading through the labyrinth of University policies to find an answer can be daunting and unproductive.  Knowing where to begin is hard, but knowing your Code can make it easier. The Code and the accompanying user friendly Code Presentation provide an overview of general conduct expectations and the resources that are available to guide all of us.  These documents also summarize the basic policy requirements that we should be familiar with. It is organized to help us find the answers to our questions fast.  The Code and the Code Presentation provide a quick and ready resource for learning more about:

  • Reporting, non-retaliation and disciplinary action
  • Health, Safety and the Campus Environment
  • Fiscal Compliance and Asset Management
  • Research
  • Freedom of Expression

The Code Presentation clearly identifies the basic compliance expectations for each area, provides illustrative examples of what is addressed by policies, and includes links to the right policy for more detailed answers.  We encourage you to browse the Code Presentation and see how the Code can help you.   The Office of Compliance Services is available to provide in-person presentations on the new Code.  Departmental leaders may contact or (802) 656-3086 to schedule.  Please reach out to us with any Code-related questions or suggestions and stay tuned for more Code resources from the Office of Compliance Services.

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