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Job & Internships Posting Policies

Our goal is to build relations with organizations who are of interest to our students/alumni, and whose work is aligned with our institutional priorities.

These types of job and internship postings are not approved by the UVM Career Center:

  • Positions exclusively or primarily dedicated to promoting company products or services to other students. (eg: Campus ambassadors, campus reps) Campus ambassadors who promote internships or hiring programs are usually permitted.
  • Business opportunities that require financial investment by students/alumni.
  • Training or work opportunities that are not paid at the time the work/training is done, and for which the employee must pay for/pay back if they leave the program.
  • Internships that are really jobs.
  • Internships that do not involve regular and substantive supervision by the employer while the internship work is being conducted.
  • Opportunities that require students/alumni to join (paid or free) networks/groups/job boards in order to access the organization's information.
  • Organizations whose products and services are not aligned with UVM’s Common Ground Statement.
  • Organizations that are noted as having substantial scam reports or Better Business Bureau flags.
  • Opportunities to engage in work or promote products or services that are offered already at UVM. (eg: tutoring fellow students)
  • International jobs or internships that have expensive program fees and/or are not easily assessed online or via best practice resources, such as NACE, Going Global or UVM alumni on LinkedIn. Credit-bearing international internships should coordinate with the UVM Office of International Education to facilitate credit transfer. Non-credit internships and international jobs will be screened according to our overall policies, with an alert in the system to students to do their own due diligence research.

Last modified June 20 2016 03:57 PM