Apps, Evals, Forms & More

Before the Program...

Application & Intake Form

Before we are able to work with you and your students, please fill out the Teacher Application and the Intake Form for the program that interests you. Click the form to fill out online, or click the "downloadable version" if you prefer to download a hard copy:

Teacher Handbook

We have created a Teacher Handbook that provides detailed descriptions of each program, teaching guides and additional resources/background information of watershed science.  The Watershed Alliance wants to make this document available to all teachers, regardless of their enrollment in our program, in order to encourage and support the spread of watershed science and environmental stewardship. 


During the Program...


We ask that students fill out a pre-assessment questionnaire that we use to gauge your students' knowledge prior to engaging in our classroom programs, as well as a post-assessment questionnaire used to determine the effectiveness of our programming and what the students learned.

We have provided our rubrics for teacher reference:

*Please note that the pre-assessment and the post-assessment are one document. We request that teachers print the document twice, and have students fill it out once before the program, and once after. The completed assessments should then be sent to the UVM Watershed Alliance via email or mail.

Work/Data Sheets

The following documents are work sheet and data sheets we ask students to use for collecting information in the field:


After the Program...

Upload your data to our Website

We want the data your student citizen scientists collected to be available to the public through our Interactive Watershed Map. Please follow these video tutorials to guide you through the process. 

Program Statistics & Evaluation

We ask that teachers please fill out our online Program Statistics and Evaluation form after completing the program. The information you provide in this document is kept confidential, and helps us figure out how we can evolve and grow as a program. Click here for a downloadable version.