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Photo of Peter ShumlinSHUMLIN, Peter E.

Ex-officio member of the Board upon becoming Governor of the State of Vermont in 2011. Born in Brattleboro, Vermont. Educated at Wesleyan University, BA, 1979. Member of the Vermont House of Representatives, 1990-1992; and the Vermont State Senate, 1993-2002 and 2006-2010. In 1997 and 2006, served as President pro-tempore, the chamber’s top leadership post. During his years in the Senate, served on the Rules Committee, the Finance Committee, the Transportation Committee and the Appropriations Committee. Governor Shumlin has made a career of advocating for policies that reflect the needs and values of Vermonters. He has worked to fight global climate change, bring broadband to every corner of the state and provide health care for every Vermonter. He worked with Governor Dean to balance the state budget. During the current economic crisis, he worked alongside Speaker Shap Smith to pass responsible legislation that trimmed programs where possible, while reinvesting in programs and services that Vermonters need. He played a leading role in the passage of the first in the nation civil unions law and the 2010 Marriage Equality Act. Has two children, Rebecca and Olivia.

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