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Aimee Shen

Aimee Shen
professor of microbiology and molecular genetics

Shen was among 22 of the nation's young researchers to be named a competitive Pew Scholar.

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World-class excellence in multidisciplinary research is a priority for UVM as one of the nation's premier small research universities and a leader in the creation of knowledge in service to Vermont and the nation. Please explore the links below to find out more about the exciting research we're conducting as well as the opportunities available to you as a student, researcher or collaborator.

Transdisciplinary Research Initiative

The University of Vermont is engaged in an unprecedented, University-wide program to advance interdisciplinary connections and problem-solving throughout research and education: the Transdisciplinary Research Initiative, or TRI. More information about UVM's TRI and its "Spires of Excellence" in Complex Systems, Food Systems, and Neuroscience, Behavior & Health can be found on the Transdisciplinary Research Initiative website.

REACH Grant Program

The REACH Grant Program seeks to identify and promote promising research, scholarship and creative arts in all areas of the University and to encourage faculty members to envision ambitious, long-term projects. For more information, please go to the REACH Grant Program

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Farmed Out

Benoit St. Pierre drops one end of a garden hose into a large holding tank filled with liquefied cow manure. Pulling back on a syringe-like stopper attached to his end of the hose, he draws out a cup of clear liquid -- miraculously, given the brown sludge at the surface. The tank and its unappealing contents are more valuable than ...

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These videos are part of the award-winning series "Emerging Science," produced by Vermont Public Television with funding from Vermont EPSCoR.