Assignmenty things:

Note: Assignments may include embedded video hints. Print versions have these removed.
  1. Assignment "Set phasers to stun!",
    due Thursday, September 5.
    Print version.

    Relevant Google vocabulary data set (3 formats):
  2. Assignment Sergeant Major Kururu,
    due Thursday, September 19.
    Print version.
    Related materials here and here.
  3. Assignment Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,
    due Thursday, September 26.
    Print version.
    Don't Panic.
  4. Assignment One Does Not Simply Walk into Mordor,
    due Thursday, October 3.
    Print version.
  5. Assignment Infinite Improbability Drive,
    due Thursday, October 10.
    Print version.
  6. Assignment Obelix,
    due Thursday, October 17.
    Print version.
  7. "These go to eleven",
    due Thursday, October 31.
    Print version.
    Related material here.
  8. "Bad date(s)",
    due Thursday, November 14.
    Print version.
    "I am the Monarch of the Sea."
  9. Optional:
    "Good evening Fräulein",
    due Thursday, November 21.
    Print version.
    "We ... we are not thirsty."
  10. Optional:
    due Thursday, December 5.
    Print version.


How the grading works—questions are worth 3 points according to the following scale:

3 = correct or very nearly so.
2 = acceptable but needs some revisions.
1 = needs major revisions.
0 = way off, no banana.

And for the full score, you must show your working...