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Request Note Taking Services

To request a note taker in each of your classes, and to obtain access to the online notes database, please follow these steps:

1. Meet with your ACCESS Specialist at the beginning of each semester to determine your accommodations, including the need for Note Taking Services.

2. If / when an accommodation for Note Taking Services is confirmed, fill out the online form to Request Notes for the current semester.  You must log in using your UVM netID and password.  In the box provided, search each of your courses.  For each course in which you would like to request Note Taking Services, check the appropriate box and submit the form when complete.  Please allow 1-3 weeks from the time that you make your request for a peer note taker to be placed in each of your courses.

3. Give your accommodation letters to your professor(s) and discuss with them the accommodations that you will be receiving, specific to their course.

4. Review the Student Expectations page for success with the Note Taking Program.

Students with Temporary Disability

Fill out the Student Application for Temporary Services

Students must verify their temporary disability by providing appropriate documentation from a physician or licensed professional. Download the Medical Documentation Form for your physician to complete. Documentation should specify services necessary as well as anticipated duration of services.

Return the documentation to the ACCESS Office, L/L A-170, via email to or via Fax at (802) 656-0739.

Fill out the Note Taking Services Online Request Form

To retrieve notes, visit the secured Notes Database to download your notes (Right Click --> Save Target As --> Save to desktop or desired folder)

If you encounter any issues, email

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