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Overview for Note Takers

Peer Note Takers are current UVM students who volunteer to provide their class notes for courses in which they are already enrolled, and in which a request for note taking services has been made.  Notes provide support to ACCESS students with documented disabilities.

Becoming a Peer Note Taker is a rewarding way to become more involved in the UVM community.  Not only do a Peer Note Taker’s services provide support to their classmates, but it enriches the Peer Note Taker’s experience in the classroom by encouraging more thorough, quality notes.

If you’re interested in becoming a Peer Note Taker, please email with your class schedule.  Please include 5-digit CRN numbers, specific to each course/section.  If a Peer Note Taker is not placed in a class before the start of the semester, professors may ask the class for a Peer Note Taker, at which time you may also volunteer.  Peer Note Takers who submit quality notes, as per the Note Taker Expectations, may be recruited by the Note Taking Program to provide notes for their classes in future semesters.

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