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Here are some helpful answers to the questions asked in a recent Faculty Survey:

Q: Can International Students, USPP, TRiO/SSS and/or ESL students receive notes? 
A: International Students, USPP, TRiO/SSS, and ESL students work with faculty outside of ACCESS to determine their eligibility to receive notes.

Q: Can I have access to the notes? 
A: Yes - simply email the with your request and we will send you instructions on how to obtain the notes.

Q: Can the notes provided by the peer note taker be made available to my entire class? 
A: Yes! Providing notes to the entire class makes your course universally accessible. Email with your request and we will make arrangements to provide you with the notes for your use and distribution.

Q: Can my TA fill the role of Peer Note Taker?
A: Yes. Register them via the Peer Note Taker Registration Form and we will contact them directly

Q: If a course in which notes are requested follows the exact format of previous semesters, can archived notes be used, instead of finding a new Peer Note Taker?
A: Yes. If you believe that previous semester’s notes will follow the same format and that no content will change, past notes will suffice for the current semester.  Please inform of your decision to use archived notes and they will be posted on the database.  The only issue with this is that students can find it hard to match previous semesters’ notes with the current semester because they are not dated properly.

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