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Faculty Expectations

The Note Taking Program Coordinator works diligently to facilitate the pairing of Note Taker requests to Peer Note Takers in each course/section.  Often, minimal faculty involvement is needed for this transaction to run smoothly.  However, a brief list of faculty expectations is listed below to ensure success each semester:

1. On the first day of class, it is helpful if instructors provide a general reminder to the entire class regarding accommodation letters.  Many professors choose to list their expectations concerning ACCESS accommodations on their syllabus and provide a verbal reminder during the first class session/syllabus review.

2. Meet with ACCESS students one-on-one to review their accommodation letters.  Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  If there are any questions related to the Note Taking Program that students are unable to answer and/or that you can’t find information about on our website, we encourage you to email us:

3. Students submit requests for Note Taking Services via an online form.  The Note Taking Program Coordinator receives these requests and searches a spreadsheet of potential Peer Note Takers for a course/section match.  This list is comprised of potential Note Takers who have expressed interest and submitted their course information to the Program in advance and/or have been Peer Note Takers in the past and have been identified by the Note Taking Program as quality Note Takers.

    • Once a Peer Note Taker is confirmed, the Note Taking Program Coordinator will send an email to the faculty member, confirming that a Peer Note Taker has been placed in their course/section.  The Note Taking Program Coordinator will also send an email to the Peer Note Taker, providing information on the notes submission process. 

    • If the Note Taking Program Coordinator is NOT able to secure a Peer Note Taker in a course, they may contact the instructor directly to inquire of any student peers in the course/section who take quality notes and are interested in volunteering their notes.  A class roster may also be requested.  If the semester is underway, an announcement may be made to the class (verbally, via email, or BlackBoard) to request a Peer Note Taker volunteer.  Further instructions will be provided via email, if this situation arises.

    • TAs in each course/section may also be used as Peer Note Takers.  Please notify the Note Taking Program Coordinator with the name and email address of your TA, if you have a TA in your course who will be providing quality, detailed notes for each class session and is willing to submit them to on a regular basis.





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