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Academic Support Programs

Note Taking Program

Students with documented disabilities work with an ACCESS (Disability Services) Specialist to determine appropriate accommodations. At The University of Vermont, one of the largest accommodations is note taking.  UVM’s Note Taking Program works to match students’ requests for notes with the appropriate level of note taking services.


Follow these Student Expectations for success with notes!

After meeting with your ACCESS Specialist, Request Note Taking Services.

Download Notes from the notes database using your UVM netID and password.


As an instructor, you may have questions about the Note Taking Program.

Please visit Overview for Faculty and Faculty Expectations to learn about the Program and your role.  Answers to many additional questions can be found on our FAQ

Email with any questions/concerns. 

Thanks for your support of our students!

Note Takers

For more information on the role of a Peer Note Taker, read a brief Overview for Note Takers.

Also, be sure to review our Note Taker Expectations as well as our Online Submission Instructions.

Your efforts will be rewarded with exciting Incentives & Benefits – we could not do it without you! 

Check out additional Opportunities & Resources.

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