University of Vermont

Department of Music and Dance

University Symphony Orchestra

The University of Vermont Symphony Orchestra is a 70 member ensemble of university students and community members. All university students who play an orchestral instrument and interested community members are invited to audition. Students who play in the orchestra major in a variety of different subjects. This year, students in the orchestra are majoring in music, psychology, computer science, foreign languages, history, elementary education, art, natural resources, and many other disciplines. The orchestra performs several times each year, and plays a variety of baroque, classical, romantic, and twentieth century repertoire.


Yutaka Kono conducts the orchestra. During his sabbatical in Fall 2016, Jeff Domoto will be our guest conductor.


All students regardless of major are welcome to audition for the University Symphony Orchestra. Faculty, staff and community members are also welcome to audition, although students are given priority for positions within the orchestra. In general, most woodwind, brass, and percussion positions are filled by students, while the string sections are a mix of students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Fall term auditions: Auditions are held on the first Tuesday of fall semester from 5 to 10 p.m.. A sign up sheet is posted in the Music Building lobby. All students must audition in the fall term.

Spring term auditions: Students not currently in the orchestra who are interested in auditioning for the spring term should contact the conductor before the beginning of the spring semester. Auditions will be scheduled at the first week of the semester. If new students audition, then certain current woodwind and brass players may need to re-audition for the spring term.

Community members who play strings only need to audition once. For the audition, please prepare the following:

  1. 2-3 minutes of a prepared piece
  2. Eb and A major scales (concert pitch) in as many octaves as possible
  3. Sight-reading

Community members interested in playing in the woodwinds, brass or percussion sections are contacted after the student auditions are complete and informed of any vacant positions.

Students who miss auditions are welcome to audition at a later date, only if there is a vacant position.

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