University of Vermont

Department of Music and Dance

Lesson Syllabus

The Music Department has established the following policies and procedures for all applied lessons (MUL 033, 034, 044, 133, 134, and 234). In some cases, individual instructors will provide additional information that applies to his/her studio.

Course Credit

Applied lessons are available for one or two credits. Each student receives one private lesson per week for 14 weeks. Students enrolled for one credit receive half-hour weekly lessons, while students enrolled for two credits receive one-hour weekly lessons. Non-majors are required to perform a Lesson Audition (Level I) before they are accepted for study; this audition may be formal or informal at the discretion of the teacher. Music Majors are required to pass a Music Major Audition (Level II) before they are accepted for study in MUL 134, and an Intermediate Level Examination (Level III) before acceptance for study in MUL 234.


Applied lessons are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the teacher and student. Please note, however, that some faculty come to campus only one or two days per week. Students should contact their teachers during the first week of the semester for schedule details.


Attendance at all lessons is a course requirement. If a faculty member must cancel a lesson, he/she will inform the student by e-mail or by a sign posted on the lesson studio door. Students should then contact the faculty member to schedule a make-up lesson. If a student must cancel a lesson, he/she must inform the faculty member by e-mail or voice mail prior to the lesson time. When possible, faculty will make up a lesson canceled prior to the lesson time. No make-up lesson will be scheduled when the student does not contact the faculty member prior to the lesson time. Furthermore, faculty will not be expected to make up more than two lessons canceled by the student.


Expectations will vary from teacher to teacher, but students should expect to practice a minimum of 3 hours per week. Students should consult their teacher for details.

Applied Lesson Register

At the final lesson of each semester, the student will submit an Applied Lesson Register to his/her teacher, listing repertoire studied during the semester. No grade will be given until the Applied Lesson Register has been completed.

Jury Performances

End-of-semester jury policies vary within the Department. Area jury policies.

Student Recital Performance

A music major enrolled in applied lessons in his/her principal instrument must perform on at least two student recitals prior to being eligible for an Intermediate Level Jury (Level III), and another two recitals prior to being eligible for a Solo Recital Examination (Level IV). Please contact the department office if you have questions about this requirement.


Grading policies will vary from teacher to teacher, but attendance, progress, and practice time will each be contributing factors. Students should consult their teacher for details.

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