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The Women's Center is a place to build community, make new friends, access all kinds of resources and services, and learn more about the work that we do in service of building an inclusive and safe campus.

If you're looking to get involved or are struggling with a personal issue, the Women's Center is here to help you out. We provide advocacy services, empower women and their allies to use their voices, raise awareness about the critical issues facing women, and highlight their many accomplishments. Stop by to check out our resources & programs!

Our Offerings

Workshops & Trainings

Contact our Education & Outreach Coordinator for more info about workshops & trainings.

Staff & Volunteer Opportunities

There are many opportunities for students to get involved! Check out our student opportunities.

Campus Victim's Advocate

The Victim's Advocate is here to support survivors of sexual violence.


The Women's Center hosts many events. Check out our events page to keep updated.

Campus Victim's Advocate

Have you or a friend experienced sexual violence? We want you to know that you are not alone.

There are many people and services available to help you on and off campus.

Consider talking with an Advocate about your options. For more info, click here.

At UVM you can contact the Campus Victim's Advocate at or call 656-7892.

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