UVM Our Common Ground

We are proud to host events in fulfillment of our mission to cultivate gender equity and create joyfully connected communities. 

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"Black to Our Roots" Panel

Our Programs strive to create spaces of connection and liberation. All genders are welcome at the majority of our programs, though there are times we provide gender-specific affinity spaces, as well. Check out some of our ongoing offerings below!

Women & Gender Equity Center Programs



The UVM Women & Gender Equity Center hosts events each year that provide space for our community to celebrate, learn, and connect.

Connect with us on Facebook, via Instagram (@uvmwomenscenter), or via the listserv to get up-to-date invitations about new chances to be part of the community. 


Women & Gender Equity Center Events

Internships & Work-Study




This practicum for graduate students in the HESA program will introduce the intern to the operation of a Women & Gender Equity Center in a institute of Higher Education. The intern will have the opportunity to work as an integral part of the Women & Gender Equity Center staff; attend meetings which include collaborating departments; and participate in the development and implementation of our programs. Attention is paid to drawing connections between theory and practice as well as between the practicum experience and the intern's assistantship and classroom experience. Additionally, the intern will take the lead role in a special project developed in collaboration with the supervisor. The practicum requires nine hours a week for one semester and earns the intern 2 credits. Students must sign up through the HESA program's practicum process.


Internships for undergraduate and graduate students in other departments have been developed in the past in collaboration with a variety of University departments to meet the needs of individual students. Contact your academic department to find out about its internship requirements and then contact us. If you are interested in an internship, please contact us for more information.


Work Study

The Women & Gender Equity Center has several Work Study positions available including positions assisting in coordinating programming and positions assisting with administrative management. If you are interested in a Work Study position, please email us or call us at (802) 656-7892.