Campus Sustainability
Explore and develop innovative practices for college and university campuses to create more sustainable systems .

Catamount Farm Summer Experience
Learn to Farm and Earn College Credit.

Farmer Training
Hands-on, Skill-based Education in Sustainable Agriculture.

Guaranteed Admission Program (GAP)
Demonstrate your academic readiness, earn college credit, and ultimately enroll in an undergraduate degree program.

Intro to Agroecology
Presents an in-depth overview of research and applications in the field of agroecology.

John Dewey Kitchen Institute
Experiential Learning in a Kitchen Classroom.

Master of Public Health (Online)
Improve the quality of life for people through blending public policy, research, and population health sciences.

Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Program
The preparation and background needed for acceptance into medical school or health professional programs.

Pre-College Summer Academy
Academically challenging 4-week program.

Pre-College Programs
High school students are invited to take online or on-campus courses for credit.

Study Abroad
Experience the people, places, and perspectives of the world with UVM’s Travel Study Programs.

Summer CREAM
Manage a herd of 60 registered Holstein and Jersey cattle for the duration of summer.

Summer Sciences Course List
Select from courses in core laboratory sciences such as chemistry, physics, anatomy, biology and neuroscience

Teacher & Educator Programming
Professional Development opportunities built on research informed practices and real-world experience.

The Initiative for Rural Emergency Medical Services Training (IREMS)
Supports Emergency Medical Service (EMS) agencies, related health care institutions and communities.