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Biobehavioral Laboratories

Bouton Laboratory

working in the lab Control rack for behavioral equipment Director Mark Bouton, Ph.D.
Location Room 446 John Dewey Hall
Areas Research in the Bouton Laboratory examines basic behavioral processes in learning, memory and emotion, and how time and context influence them
Graduate Students Travis Todd & Drina Vurbic
Postdoctoral Fellows Neil Winterbauer, Ph.D

Falls Laboratory

mouse Director William Falls, Ph.D.
Location Room 410 John Dewey Hall
Areas Research in the Falls laboratory examines the neural circuits that are involved in both the elicitation and reduction of conditioned fear and anxiety.
Graduate Students Brendan Hare & Stephanie Menotti

Green Laboratory

graph Action potentials from pontine nuclei neurons (top trace) and a conditioned eyeblink response (bottom trace) during a trial of eyeblink conditioning Director John Green, Ph.D.
Location Room 414 John Dewey Hall
Areas Research in the Green laboratory examines the relationships between learning, neuroanatomy, and neurophysiology in both normal rodents and rodent models of neurological and psychiatric disorders.
Graduate Students Meghan Eddy & Jason Fuchs

Hammack Laboratory

hammack Director Sayamwong (Jom) Hammack, Ph.D.
Location Room 438 John Dewey Hall
Website Hammack Laboratory of Behavioral Neuroscience
Areas Research in the Hammack laboratory examines the neurobiology of emotion and emotional learning, with a particular interest in the role of peptide systems and serotonin in the regulation of fear and anxiety behavior. We are also interested in factors that determine the behavioral consequences of exposure to stressful or threatening stimuli, such as controllability and exercise, and the brain mechanisms by which these treatments alter behavior.
Graduate Students Olivia Miles, Bradley King, Galen Missig (also in Victor May's laboratory)
Postdoctoral Fellows Kimberly Lezak, Ph.D.

Toufexis Laboratory

molocule Director Donna Toufexis, Ph.D.
Location Room 430 John Dewey Hall
Areas Sex differences and sex hormone effects on emotional learning and anxiety behavior; development of animal models of endocrine-related psychopathologies including post-traumatic stress disorder and post-partum depression.
Graduate Students Harold Bauerle, Olga Lipatova & Vincenzo Piraino

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