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Tyler Doggett

Tyler Doggett

Tyler Doggett; Ph.D., Associate Professor

  • Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2004
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Area of expertise

Ethics and Philosophy of Mind

Contact Information

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70 South Williams Street, Room 208




Tyler Doggett is most interested in ethics, philosophy of mind, early modern philosophy and metaphysics.

Some of his publications include:

“Wanting Things You Don’t Want” (co-written with Andy Egan), Philosophers’ Imprint vol. 7, no. 9

“Why Kamm's and Scanlon's Arguments Against Taurek Don't Work,” The Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy vol. 3, no. 3

“Why Leibniz Believes Descartes Was Wrong and the Scholastics Were Right,” Philosophical Studies149: 1-18

“Does Nagel’s Footnote 11 Solve the Mind-Body Problem?” (co-written with Daniel Stoljar), forthcoming in Philosophical Issues

“How We Feel About Terrible, Non-existent Mafiosi” (co-written with Andy Egan), forthcoming in Philosophy and Phenomenological Research

“Saving the Few," forthcoming in Nous

“Recent Work on the Ethics of Self-Defense,” forthcoming in Philosophy Compass

Professor Doggett mostly teaches ethics courses, including an introductory-level class on ethics and food, an intermediate-level class on the ethics of killing various things, and an advanced class on metaethics.