Produced by graduate students in the University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program in December 2006, this is the seventh in a series of annual research projects examining the evolution of the historic environment of Burlington, Vermont. The main archival source for this project is the Louis L. McAllister collection of photographs at the UVM Library's Special Collections. Originally taken for the Burlington Street Department to document various public works projects, these historic images date from the 1920s through the 1940s. Included are views of locations south of Pearl Street and Colchester Avenue. The previous year's project, Depression Era Streetscapes: Old North End, includes images north of this area. For each of the original photographs, the students identified the locations and re-photographed the views. Their narrative captions trace the history of the buildings and landscape features seen in the photographs.

Location index

Downtown Burlington - Pearl Street, South Winooski Avenue, Cherry Street, Bank Street, Center Street, Lake Street - Carrie Mardorf
Downtown Burlington - Church Street and Maple Street - Ashley Bushey
Downtown Burlington - Main Street - Sara Casten
Grove Street, East Avenue, Main Street, South Union Street and Hungerford Terrace - Sarah Graulty
College Street, east of St. Paul Street; University Place; South Prospect Street; Ledge Road, east of Hillcrest Road- Jesse Zanavich
South End - St. Paul Street, Pine Street, & Lakeside Development - Caitlin Meives
South End - Hayward Street, Marble Avenue, Howard Street and Locust Avenue - Susan Arena
South End - Ferguson and Scarff Addition - Brandee Wagner
Shelburne Road, From Crawl to Sprawl - Caitlin Corkins

Historic Burlington Project
Depression Era Streetscapes: Old North End | Burlington 1890 | Burlington 1877 | Burlington 1869 | Burlington 1853 | Burlington 1830
Produced by University of Vermont Historic Preservation Program graduate students in HP 206 Researching Historic Structures and Sites - Prof. Thomas Visser - in collaboration with UVM Landscape Change Program
Historic images courtesy of University of Vermont Library Special Collections, Louis L. McAllister Photograph Collection
Special thanks to Scott A. Lowe at Vermont Web Productions

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