This site documents those structures standing today that were built between 1830 and 1853 in Section #8 (For map of area see Site Plan) of Burlington, Vermont, and is a component of a collaborative documentation endeavor covering all of Burlington undertaken by the students in the "Researching Historic Sites and Structures" class in the University of Vermont's Historic Preservation Program (For class project see Burlington 1830-1853). From 1830 to 1850 the population of Burlington more than doubled, growing from 3,226 people to 7,585 people, and Section #8 underwent significant development (1). Although the land closer to the 1830 core of Burlington experienced more intensive land use from 1830 to 1853, the buildings examined herein foreshadowed the explosion of construction that occurred in this mainly residential section of Burlington during the late nineteenth century. The subdivision of the large, hillside estates, like Grasse Mount, began during this period as did the western expansion of Burlington's Old North End. The division of Section #8 into two areas-the "South Willard Street Area" and "Part of the Old North End"-reveals the socio-economic differences of prior residents living in these respective areas; these differences continue to be evident in the physical environment. The "South Willard Street Area" contained the substantial, masonry built homes of Burlington's lawyers, doctors, merchants, and bankers; the "Part of the Old North End" contained smaller, framer residences inhabited by masons, carpenters, and peddlers. Despite these differences, buildings in both areas face similar challenges today. Of the seventeen existing structures built between 1830 and 1853, thirteen have been divided into apartments and are owned by absentee landlords. If stewardship trends change, as they have at 280 North Winooski Avenue, the existence of these structures could be threatened. (For additional project information see Additional Information.)

Surviving Buildings in Section #8

South Willard Street Area: Part of the Old North End:
292 Pearl Street 280 North Winooski Avenue
328 Pearl Street 75 Hyde Street
323 College Street 78 Hyde Street
326 College Street 88 Hyde Street
325 Main Street 344 North Street
74 South Willard Street  
88 South Willard Street  
98 South Willard Street  
118 South Willard Street  
143 South Willard Street  
186 South Willard Street  
196 South Willard Street  

(1) The Vermont Historical Gazetteer Vol. I (Burlington: A. M. Hemenway, 1867), 474.