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Dear Students,     

        I take advising seriously. For instance,  I  usually schedule office hours on three different days of the week and I schedule enough of them (well more than the average at UVM) to make it convenient for you. Moreover, I am on campus a lot so the phrase "and by appointment" means something. Moreover, all of my courses are on Blackboard and I have my own campus website. If you want to get off on the wrong foot with me say something like: "I have been trying to get ahold of you but you haven't been in." That drives me nuts.

        While on campus you will find me receptive to the kind of "advising" that goes well beyond academics, careers, internships, readings and research courses and the like. So if you are in a jam with the authorities, having trouble with a friend, need some advice on how to play an A8 off-suited in limit Texas Hold 'em, are looking for decent deer hunting terraine or trout streams (within limits of course), have a conflict with your parents, need directions to the Evansville Trading Post in the Northeast Kingdom, are on the outs with your "significant other," are looking for tickets to the ox pulling contest at the Barton Fair, want to buy a good used 1987 Chevette, contact the Governor of Vermont or someone who can teach you how to jig for walleyes, are uncertan about joining a group that is about to take over the President's office, or whatever, come and see me.

       On the other hand I expect you to leave me alone at home. My phone is not listed and  I don't ever want to see you poking around Big Hollow Road in Starksboro. In short I don't approve of professors "hanging out" with undergraduates. I'm too old to find you all that interesting anyway. (However, I'm always up for meeting your parents anywhere any time.)

                                     Sincerely yours,

                                     Frank Bryan

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