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Vermont and Humor Books


Real Vermonters Don't Milk Goats
by Frank Bryan and Bill Mares
Shelburne, Vermont:  The New England Press, 1983
94 pages

From the publisher: Vermont's all-time, best-selling humor book, Real Vermonters Don't Milk Goats, made the New York Times Bestseller's List for Regional Humor.  Check out the differences between a real Vermonter and a flatlander!


The Vermont Owner's Manual
by Frank Bryan and Bill Mares
Shelburne, Vermont: The New England Press, 2000
125 pages

From the publisher:  Don't just appreciate Vermont, OWN it. Learn about it, maintain it, and run it with skill and attention. The Vermont Owner's Manual shows you how.

Out! The Vermont Secession Book
by Frank Bryan and Bill Mares
Shelburne, Vermont: The New England Press, 1987
167 pages

From the publisher:  Why Vermont kicked the "other 49" OUT of America and how it did so.  The resulting new Republic of Vermont is described as only Bryan and Mares can envision it: an idyllic place where the town meeting rules and maple syrup can buy anything.

Out of Order!
by Bill Mares and Frank Bryan
Shelburne, Vermont: The New England Press, 1991
116 pages

From the publisher:  Meet Vern and Chet, workers in the Vermont State House. They have front row seats to one of the wildest shows in Vermont--the legislative session. Out of Order will make you laugh. It will also make you think three times before you vote each November!
The Very Latest Vermont Quiz Book
by Melissa Lee Bryan and Frank Bryan
Shelburne, Vermont: The New England Press, 2002
188 pages

From the publisher:   How much do you really know about Vermont? To find out where you stand, here are nearly one thousand questions to challenge the "Vermonter" in you. You'll discover things you never knew about Vermont's history, roads, weather, sports, business, people, inventions, and much more.
Quiz Book
The Vermont Quiz Book
by Frank Bryan and Melissa Lee Bryan
Shelburne, Vermont: The New England Press, 1986
277 pages

From the publisher:  [The original Vermont Quiz Book] is filled with the unknown, the mysterious, the obscure, the forgotten, and the eccentric.  Frank and Melissa offer anecdotes, humor, opinion, and Vermont insight.

(Articles and Op. Ed. Pieces)

“A Christmas Card for Mom,” (Op. Ed.) Burlington Free Press (December 28, 2001).

“Thinking About Civil Unions” (Op. Ed.) Rutland Herald (September 12, 2000).

“Font of Wisdom” Computer User Vermont (October 1997).

“Townscape Newbury Vermont Magazine (November/December, 1989).

“Jade” Vermont Life (Spring, 1988).

“The Politics of the Growth Bill” (Op. Ed.) Burlington Free Press (April 12, 1988).

“A Peasant of West Brattleboro” (Review) Vermont Life (Summer, 1988).

“Education or Else” Window of Vermont (February, 1987).

“Notes On the Four Year Term” Window of Vermont (April, 1987).

“Who Are The Great Vermonters?”
Vermont Sunday Magazine (September 27, 1987).

“Town Meeting at Wounded Knee”
Window of Vermont (March, 1986).

“Only Jackasses Don’t Buckle Up”
Window of Vermont (June, 1986).

“Lilacs and Homeland” Window of Vermont (August, 1986).

“The Vermont Character”
Vermont Sunday Magazine (September 21, 1986).

“The Kiss of Death Poll”
Window of Vermont (October, 1986).

“Knowing Vermont” Window of Vermont (December, 1986).

“Real Vermonters and Real Democracy” Window of Vermont (Spring, 1985).

“Corn? Fiddlesticks!” Window of Vermont (Summer, 1985).

“Body Counts and the King's Deer” Window of Vermont (Winter, 1985-86).

“Vermont’s Political Soap Opera” (Op. Ed.) Burlington Free Press (January 31,1984).

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