emily walker manetta

Associate Professor of Linguistics
Chair, Department of Anthropology
Program in Linguistics
University of Vermont

509 Williams Hall
72 University Place
Burlington, VT 04505

Email: emily.manetta at uvm.edu

Research Interests: Comparative Syntax of Indic Languages (especially Hindi-Urdu and Kashmiri); Wh-movement and the A-bar system; Rightward scrambling and complementation; Indic verbal complexes (causatives, passives); ellipsis

Curriculum Vitae [ pdf ]

selected projects and publications

Verb Phrase Ellipsis and complex predicates in Hindi-Urdu
               To Appear. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory

Ellipsis in wh-in-situ languages: deriving apparent sluicing in Hindi-Urdu and Uzbek.
       2017. Linguistic Inquiry 47:4, 631-668. [with Vera Gribanova]       [pdf]

Special Issue of Linguistic Analysis on Formal Syntax, Semantics, and Morphology of South Asian Languages (co-edited with Ayesha Kidwai)
         2016 [ Full volume ToC ]

The causative verbal domain and the Kashmiri causative
       2014. Syntax 17:3.          [ pdf ]

Copy theory in wh-in-situ languages: Sluicing in Hindi Urdu
       2013. Journal of South Asian Linguistics 6          [ pdf ]

Rightward Scrambling in Hindi-Urdu
      2012, Linguistic Inquiry 43:1, 43-74.     [ pdf ]

Peripheries in Kashmiri and Hindi-Urdu (book)
     2011. John Benjamins.        [publishers site]

Wh-expletives in Hindi-Urdu: the vP phase
     2010. Linguistic Inquiry 41 (1).        [pdf]

Unexpected Left Dislocation: an English Corpus Study
      2007. Journal of Pragmatics 39 (5).         [ pdf ]

Dissertation: Peripheries in Kashmiri and Hindi-Urdu
University of California, Santa Cruz (June 2006)

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teaching and other interests

LING 166/ANTH 112 Syntax

LING 163/ANTH 113 Semantics

ANTH 028/LING 028 Introduction to Linguistic Anthropology syllabus

LING 014/ANTH 014 Languages of the World

Advanced Topics in Linguistics

Salaam Baalak Trust (New Delhi, India)

Jamghat (New Delhi, India)