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Computer telephony applications:

Computer telephony applications:

The Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) system


What is IVR?

            IVR is a system where the caller uses a telephone to exchange information directly with a computer.  This type of application is already used by many businesses.  Whenever you call and hear a recorded voice requesting you to enter a number, you are using IVR.



  • Ease of use
  • Round-the-clock accessibility
  • Accurate data collection (no need for data entry)



  • Remote data entry
  • Subject randomization in clinical trials
  • Research where subjects make daily reports
  • Review previously taught skills
  • Reminder calls or pages


Biostatistics Unit IVR Resources

            Two staff members have been trained to program IVR applications using TeleSage software (TeleSage, 2011).  Some applications can be run using our dedicated IVR system.  A long-term project or one requiring more phone lines than we have available will need to be run off-site on the project’s own IVR system.  We will set up the system and help with its maintenance.



For further information, please contact Dr. Taka Ashikaga, Biostatistics Unit Director.  Phone:  (802) 656-2526.  Email:

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