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Ph.D. Student - April Makukhov


April Garrett-Makukhov, Ph.D. Student

Contact Information
Email: April Garrett-Makukhov

Marsh Life Science Building, Rm 324
Phone: (802) 656-1722
Advisor: Dr. Melissa Pespeni


Broadly, my research interests span the fields of Marine Biology, Population Genomics, Ecophysiology, and Evolutionary Biology. For my dissertation, I am investigating how purple sea urchins (Strongylocentrotus purpuratus) respond to multiple global change stressors, such as ocean acidification, warming, and/or disease. I aim to (1) identify mechanisms of resilience in sea urchin populations using genomics and bioinformatics and (2) functionally test these mechanisms in the lab and compare them to what is found out in nature.