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2015 Undergraduate Awards

Each year the Department of Biology recognizes and awards undergraduates who have made outstanding contributions to research in Biology. Congratulations!

Christopher D. Bernard

George Perkins Marsh Award in Ecology/Evolution

Christopher will be receiving a Biological Sciences Major and Minor in Chemistry and Pharmacology. He did some research in the Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Department with Dr. Mark Miller in which the aim of the research was to investigate the effects of aging and exercise on human skeletal muscle at the single fiber level. Christopher was president of the club baseball team at UVM which he played on for 4 years. Some of his interests outside of academics include basketball, skiing, and cliff jumping. He will be attending UVM Medical School in the Fall to pursue interests in either Anesthesiology or Orthopedic Surgery.

Carlie R. Wilson

Joan M. Herbers Award in Biology

Carlie is interested in molecular and cell biology research and has been working in Dr. Judy Van Houten’s lab for almost four years. She started her research project in Spring 2013 and has enjoyed collaborating with lab members and learning new techniques. “I am especially interested in how my lab’s research relates to human disease. My future goal is to become a doctor and I am applying to medical school this summer. In the year between graduation and medical school I hope to gain clinical experience in a hospital and will also be applying for positions as a research assistant.” 

Jennifer A. Trimble

Paul A. Moody Award in Biology

Jennifer is a Biological Science major from Merrimack, New Hampshire. “My current research focuses on how lifetime estrogen exposure interacts with the dopaminergic system (specifically the catechol-o-methyltransferase gene) to impact cognition after menopause. Sixty-seven postmenopausal healthy women were recruited for a three-hour study day. We obtained DNA samples, performed psychiatric tests, and administered cognitive tasks. I plan to pursue a career in medicine focusing on preventative health, either as a primary care physician or a family nurse practitioner. I also hope to continue doing research in the future.”

Clare H. Martin

Kurt Milton Pickett Award
Clare’s research focused on the effect of nutritional supplementation on metabolic processes and longevity in Drosophila Melanogaster. She hopes to apply her research experiences at UVM to continue to study how preservation of muscle function later in life can trigger numerous positive systemic health benefits both on the cellular and organism level.  Her goal is to pursue a career in medicine and environmental health that will allow her to work with and educate patients and their communities to find preventive solutions to the public health crises of our time.  She’s excited to be traveling to the Amazon Basin of Ecuador with Timmy Global Health where they will be working with local communities to set up mobile medical clinics in areas that have limited access to health care. 

Jordan A. Munger

Bernd Heinrich Award in Physiology or Evolution

When Jordan was in fifth grade, his grandfather, a pathologist, brought him into his laboratory and showed him cancerous tissues under a microscope. His teachings inspired Jordan to study intricate molecular processes of disease in order to improve human health. At UVM he had the privilege of building upon his biology coursework and was trained in two laboratories in the UVM College of Medicine, Department of Pathology. Hthesis studies were to quantitatively measure different forms of important inflammatory proteins as they likely might exist in vivo. The findings from this project will hopefully help inform further research and treatments of complex cardiovascular diseases. “The many skills and experiences I have gained through my undergraduate education at UVM have led me to pursue a career in academic medicine. Outside of academics and career pursuits, I love to play music and stay active in the great outdoors with my friends.  I will forever be grateful that I was able to study under the incredible faculty at UVM and live in the beautiful state of Vermont.” 

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