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2014 Undergraduate Awards

Each year the Department of Biology recognizes and awards undergraduates who have made outstanding contributions to research in Biology. Congratulations!

David Viscido

George Perkins Marsh Award in Ecology/Evolution

“My future goals consist of furthering my education. I will be using the remainder of this semester and part of the summer continuing my independent studies in preparation for the MCAT this August/September. Then, I will use the time until the next Committee Review Application deadline to reaffirm my determination for a career in medicine. I plan to pursue the “Art from the Heart” volunteer opportunity at Fletcher Allen. I’ve always considered drawing/art to be a hobby of mine; in fact, studio art was my major until sophomore year, before I made the leap to biology. I will most likely be staying with my family in Vermont, while pursuing these goals. Granted all goes well, I’m considering UVM for med school.”

Shad Orechovesky

Joan M. Herbers Award in Biology

Shad has combined his demanding classroom successes with lots of travel, including to Washington State for a research project in marine biology and to New Zealand and Australia for a program in cultural studies. “Next semester I will be attending Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in a combined Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine and Masters of Public Health program. Parasites and infectious diseases have been an interest of mine throughout my undergraduate career; my goal is to further public health in developing countries by decreasing the prevalence of zoonotic diseases. I wish to work in the field, involved directly with implementing public health efforts, as well as working closely with researchers to find or create a way that increases the efficacy of vaccines and other prophylactic tools intended for animals.”

Zach Silberman

Paul A. Moody Award in Biology

Zach is an Integrated Biological Science and Math double major from Andover, Massachusetts. Zach has excelled academically and was recently selected to be a member of Phi Beta Kappa, one of the oldest and most prestigious honor societies in the U.S. Outside of the formal classroom Zach initiated the Supplementary Instruction program for introductory BCOR courses, he is a peer tutor at the Learning Co-op, and is President of UVM’s Salsa and Swing Society. “My current research focuses on developing a better understanding of the PACAP/PAC1 receptor pathway, which has been implicated in several disease processes including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. After graduation, I will be working in the Boston area Biotech community while I prepare for med school. I want a career that will allow me to promote health awareness and science education in underprivileged communities, ideally through the fields of pediatrics or public health.”

Katie Bedard

Kurt Milton Pickett Award
Katie is a native Vermonter, who came to UVM thanks to the recommendation of her high school biology teacher.  She has long had an interest in a medical career and so took training and received her EMT license here on campus.  Katie also traveled to Peru with a group of other students to observe and assist in medical clinics. “My primary research interests lie in the field of physiology because it seeks understanding at the whole body, tissue, and molecular levels to allow for a comprehensive basis of knowledge. My research focuses around disease and aging as I have a particular interest in human health. Ultimately, I hope to attend medical school in 2015.”

Michael Kosofsky

Bernd Heinrich Award in Physiology or Evolution

Mike is an Integrated Biological Science major from Nashua, New Hampshire. In addition to being on the Dean’s list for many semesters Mike has a great heart and has spent a lot of time volunteering as an athletics counselor at Camp Takumta, a camp for children with cancer. In addition to his love of science, Mike loves skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing and music. “My research interests are in cellular signaling and blood coagulation. I will be working at Haematologic Technologies, Inc in Essex Vermont performing blood protein isolation and characterization for the next few years. After this I plan to go to medical school in order to pursue a career as a physician.”

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