photo of UVM Students, faculty and staff attending an event at the WAGE Center.

The Women & Gender Equity Center is dedicated to providing an inclusive space on campus and supports gender diversity by serving and advocating for all students.

Welcome Back Celebration

Every September, the WAGE Center hosts a Welcome Back Event or BBQ held in the backyard at 34 South Williams Street. The event invites students, staff, faculty, and friends to come together and celebrate the new academic year. Food and refreshments are provided as well as games, activities, and music to create community in the space.

MARCH! A Celebration of Leaders in Gender Equity

The Women & Gender Equity Center and Student Government Association come together each March to celebrate the contributions of  those on our campus working for gender equity and intersectional belonging.

List of Awards

Outstanding Faculty Award
For significant contributions to gender equity at UVM.

Social Justice Activist Award
For work in intersectional feminist activism.

Edith Hendley Award
For demonstrated excellence in research, scholarship, and teaching, and for their dedicated service to women and includes a cash prize.

Mariafranca Morselli Leadership Award
For leadership qualities, academic excellence in the sciences, and significant contributions to the awareness on campus of the rights of women and includes a cash prize.

Outstanding Athlete Award
For significant achievements in their sport, academics, service to their community, and work towards gender equity.

Lydia Dodge Award
For significant contributions to the WAGE Center.

Outstanding Staff Award
For significant contributions to gender equity at UVM

The Women of UVM’s Mary Martha Whitworth Award
This award is to recognize an undergraduate woman who excels in areas of study and campus or community activities or associations, and helps advance the position of women. The nominee should exhibit many of the following criteria:

Be a strong advocate for women and women’s issues, demonstrated by her involvement in one or more activities that help advance the position of women and/or children on campus or in the community.
Exhibit leadership skills and be a role model for other women and girls.
Demonstrate a commitment to social justice and to empowering women.
Be dedicated to helping women and/or girls achieve their goals.
Be an advocate for positive social change to create a more equitable society.
Exhibit qualities of teamwork, integrity, and dedication.
Be respected within the UVM community.

This honor currently carries a monetary award of $1,000. The Women of UVM Mary Martha Whitworth Award is sponsored and funded by the Women of UVM, a more than 100-year-old social group whose mission is to promote the wellbeing and happiness of women through their physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual health. While its roots are tied to the University of Vermont, is it now an independent organization. Mary Martha was a proud member of the Women of UVM.

Women of Color Leadership Retreat

A gathering and connection for all folx who identify as womxn, femmes, and/or connect to those experiences in some way through a non-binary or gender-fluid identity. In collaboration with the Mosaic Center for Students of Color.

The vision: 
To build a community for women of Color where there is freedom from fear to be yourself, to express your mind, multiple intelligences and identities through discovering leadership. A place to empower, find meaning, healing, love, and trust in ourselves and each other. To help you see the leader within and give voice to the inner and outere depths of yourself, in order to shift the paradigm of leaders today and tomorrow. To bring light to those unsung leaders in our lives, all leaders of distinction.

Family Dinner

Celebrating the end of the semester, the WAGE Center hosts a Family Dinner for students, faculty, and staff to find community over a delicious meal.