WAGE Center Staff 2022-2023

Melissa Murray, Director

Melissa Murray (she/her)

Melissa (she/her pronouns) oversees all of the activities at the Women & Gender Equity Center and works to develop and uphold its vision and mission.  As a leader, she addresses a variety of constituencies, covering a diverse set of concerns and promoting opportunities and educational equity for all women and female identified people.  Melissa also consults with groups and individuals on personal and professional needs, and with administration on gender equity issues regarding gender-based violence.  She serves as a liaison between the UVM community and other organizations and works with relevant groups and individuals on promoting an equitable, non-sexist, and culturally pluralistic environment at UVM.

Email: melissa.murray@uvm.edu
Phone:  802-656-2925

Taylor Gonsalves, Community Engagement Coordinator

Taylor Gonsalves (she/they)

Email: taylor.gonsalves@uvm.edu
Phone:  508-524-4554

Victoria Rico, Graduate Assistant

Victoria Rico (she/her/Ella)

Email: vrico1@uvm.edu